Easter Dinner!

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card in order to write this review and this is a paid post. However this review is real.

We decided to do Easter dinner early this year. I know, it’s the first week of the month, so it’s really early. Well, Birdie’s birthday falls on or around Easter and we are going to do birthday stuff on Easter, so I figured, why not do an Easter dinner early? I love the food that we eat on Easter and I didn’t want to miss out. I know you can cook ham and stuffing on other days, but I like the tradition of the holidays. So we decided to check out HoneyBaked Ham!

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I grabbed my gift card and took Birdie over there. She loved the ride and it wasn’t too far at all. She loves to go shopping, so she was excited. You can kind of see her reflection in the glass. We ended up checking out the local store in Austin.

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photo 5

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There was so much to look out in the store! They had all of their meats refrigerated behind the counter. They had a little place to eat where they offered fresh sandwiches and salads. They had different canned items like asparagus and pickles. They also had preserves and mustards. Birdie was obsessed with the cake pop mix, but we didn’t get it this time around. They had a little refrigerated section in the back with all the sides, ribs, ham and turkey by the pound, and desserts.

I had a hard time choosing! There was so much food and everything looked so good! I had help from the wonderful manager there. She could tell I was overwhelmed. We went through how many servings I needed, if there were any allergies in the family and what some family favorites were.

photo 2-10   photo 1-10

I ended up bringing these yummy side dishes home. Birdie helped choose. We got cornbread dressing, green bean casserole and the garlic mashed potatoes. Our sides even came out looking like the photos, so not bad at all HoneyBaked Ham! We also got a quarter ham, which was still about 4 lb! There’s only three of us, so I didn’t think we needed a huge ham. They offered boneless ham, but I went with a ham that had a part of the bone in it so I can make some soup with it.

Everything was completely easy to make. There were really simple directions on the back of all the sides and the ham came with its own directions. Everything was just pop in the oven and wait. It was really hassle free and I got to spend all the time with my family, instead of making the meal.

photo 2-11     photo 3-10

photo 1-11

We got some New York Style Cheesecake for dessert. I’m obsessed with cheesecake, so I couldn’t go wrong with it. I also had to try their honey-spice bacon. It just looked delicious and I love bacon. I also had to throw in their honey mustard. I heard they were known for their mustard. It goes really well on their ham!

photo 4-7

This was our meal! I added in the corn since it’s Birdie’s favorite vegetable, but otherwise, everything else was from HoneyBaked Ham. It was delicious and I am so glad we do have some left overs. I can’t wait to make some ham sandwiches and use it for breakfast!

There are some special offers that they have going on right now, they are:

  • $5 off Any Size Half/Whole Ham
  • $3 off Any Size Quarter Ham
  • $2 off Sliced and Glazed Whole Turkey
  • $1 off Any 2 Frozen Sides
  • $3 off 3 Frozen Sides



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Flash Sale

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There will be crocheted headbands/ear warmers and turbans. I will also have some hair clips and flower clips. I’m also offering some items to make some headbands. I just wanted to clear out through my stock. So everything will be at a low price. Hope to see you all there! I’m also offering $1 off if you share this photo on your IG page.




It snowed! Did I forget to mention I live in the South? It’s been cold. It’s been freezing cold, but we haven’t had enough precipitation for it to actually snow. Randomly it sleets. The last time it snowed out here, it was way before Birdie’s time. I was just so excited for her to see some snow, especially at home. We kept looking out the window all night, waiting to see something… anything. Nothing. But when we woke up in the morning, there was some white stuff on the ground. It was mostly ice, but hey, at least she got to see and play with something.

She begged to go out and see it all day. We went out there a couple of times just to poke at it. She liked it. It was quite comical reading the news reports. People don’t know how to drive in rain, never mind snow. It was insane. Cars were all stuck on the highway, because of the ice. There weren’t a lot of serious accidents, thank goodness. But I don’t know why people insisted on going on. We barely got any snow and the whole city shut down. There was no need to go out there. A went to work. It wasn’t required to, but we don’t live too far from the job. It took them forever to get to work though, since they had to go up hill.

It’s supposedly going to snow this week too. We shall see.

How has the weather been in your neck of the woods?

Happy Birthday Mom!



Yesterday, the 23rd was my mom’s birthday. I’d totally post a photo of her, but she hates the Internet. She hates social networking. She was totally against getting a computer, when we first got one, back in the 90s. But I really wanted to write a post dedicated to her, even though she’ll never see this.

She’s in California right now, taking a break from work. I think she’s totally loving it. Getting the new house all together. She’s also about to travel, which I’m seriously jealous about. But yes, this post.. 5 things I miss/love about my mama! In no certain order.

  1. Her cooking. Yes. Her cooking. The first thing I do when I visit is eat. I have to. It’s that good homestyle cooking that I miss. It partially has to do with the fact that it means that I don’t have to cook, but her food means home.
  2. Talking. She’s always there to talk to. No matter what. I love being able to text or call her and just talk, for hours, about nothing. It’s the best thing. I can even hit her up at work when I have a question and she never gets annoyed.
  3. Her patience. Talk about never getting annoyed.. I was the biggest pain when I was a child, teenager… Now. But she has never ending patience for me and I totally appreciate that. She has no problem explaining things, and she’ll take that last customer everyone seems to dislike.
  4. Loyalty. She will always have my back. No matter what. Even when I’m wrong. Then she’ll take me all the reasons why I’m wrong when we’re alone. She’s the best person to have on your side in a fight.
  5. Her shopping skills. She’s insane when she comes to shopping. She gets coupons and sales, like no other. I’m not talking about extreme couponing in the grocery store either. I’m talking about clothes, shoes and handbags. She knows fashion, from years working in retail (behind the doors as a buyer and out front, as well). Her outfit probably consists of that one $500 piece that never goes out of sale, and everything else equals to under $10. She was so happy to move into the new house because her closet was going to be four times the size of her old closet. So why is she still stealing my dad’s last quarter of the closet? I have no idea where she puts this stuff. I hope these skills rub off on me.

Love you mom! Happy birthday!


I have decided to make the switch back from Blogger, thanks to Christina. She’s finally talked me into it! I’ve been on the fence for a while, but I just couldn’t do it… And now I’ve done it.

So pardon the dust, while I try to get everything situated back over here. My web address, chevronsandanchors.com, should lead you right over here.